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We are at a turning point in the history of this country. There is no reason why the ultra Conservatives and MAGA types should be as successful as they have been. Extremist conservative ideas are unpopular, while left wing ideas like Medicare for All, abortion rights, and marriage equality are at all time highs. 

The biggest advantage Conservatives have is their media presence. Conservatives have a wealth of radio talk shows, podcasts, and YouTube channels that allow them to effectively spread their message. This is why I have created Grow Left. 

By leveraging the tools that are typically only available to the big money donors. Your donation will not only create ads to help support causes and candidates on the left. Your donation will also pay for those ads to be placed on left leaning media like radio shows, podcasts, and YouTube channels. This will help those media outlets grow and become more competitive with their Conservative counterparts. 

So join me in helping us Grow Left. 

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